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Shiv Shakti Chemicals offer a wide range of Industrial Chemicals that caters the needs of various industries and are efficient in satisfying the needs of the clients. Our Industrial Chemicals are availed at competitive prices as compared to rest of market prices. We are into dealing with best quality Industrial Chemicals that brings us appreciation from the clients.ordernow

Product Also Supply in Jericans , Drums and Tanker Loads

hydrogenperoxide Alum1 hydrochloricacid
sodium hypochlorite sodium metabi sulphuricacid
bleachingpowder acetone aceticacid
dmwater causticsoda ferricchloride
floorwash sodaash formalline
handwash salt ipa
nitricacid lime roantiscalent
liquorammonia polyelectrolyte polyaluminiumchloride

And other Industrial Acid and Chemical supplier.

We will assure that we can supply the above mentioned matrial with best quality to your entire satisfaction strictly as per your specification as per your requirment.